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*NIX: Favorite GUI File Managers?

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I tried Double Commander before under Windows and thought it was promising -- just tried to compile for *NIX via:

Unfortunately, no success so far.

Examination of Arch's doublecmd-svn PKGBUILD gave enough hints to build source obtained via Subversion.  For Gentoo, the following works (with appropriate things installed -- e.g. lazarus):

1. Obtain source via Subversion:

--- ---svn checkout svn:// doublecmd-code

2. Edit the line in which reads:

--- ---export lazbuild=$(which lazbuild)
to be:

--- ---export lazbuild="$(which lazbuild) --lazarusdir=/usr/share/lazarus"

3. Compile via script:

--- ---sh all gtk2

4. Execute resulting binary named: doublecmd

Haven't had much time to play with the result yet, but am a bit wary of the 0.6.0 alpha status...

I'm occasionally using the 0.5.9 beta.  Works well enough, no crashes so far.  :Thmbsup:

But, maybe I want to bleed a little... * Edvard downloads 0.6.0


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