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NANY 2014 Release: Reference Overlay Tool

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Hmm, maybe there should be a general call for requesting Feedback for nany's. Looking at this thread I didn't "take this seriously" way back in November. I tend to wait for mid December for nany testing after y'all have whacked at the apps.

Some thoughts.

1. Put a help file / readme in there. It took me a few minutes to find the button in the top right to save a picture path, and then to actually copy pictures over to the test path.

2. It seems to "block focus" so that I can't click "what's under" the image. So it leaves me a bit confused why it's transparent if I can't keep working with whatever's "under" the picture. Win XP.

3. Advanced: You can have more than one copy of the app open, so you can play around with "compositing" pics on top of each other!

It will block focus- it's not transparent to mouse focus, just to to visibility.

Final Initial Release Posted... forgot to update the thread with a new post so it would update people.  :-[

Great work, wraith  :up:

I played with this again today - it's nice as a "temporary poor man's crossfade" when you want to do something a little artsy but don't want to mess for hours in a photo program.


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