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NANY 2014 Release: Reference Overlay Tool

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NANY 2014 Release Information
Application NameReference Overlay ToolShort DescriptionOverlay the Desktop with Reference InformationSupported OSesWindows XP/7 (Should work in Vista/8 also, but untested)Web Page FilePortableDescriptionI use my Logitech G13 for my game controller, and it has a pretty cool configuration utility that shows you the keys and allows you to map your controls.  I was using it for a reference for a while.  Then I purchased more Logitech peripherals, and they worked great with the utility, other than the fact that my mouse is wired/wireless, and whenever I plugged/unplugged it, the stupid app would automatically switch to the mouse- very inconvenient if I do this in a game.  Also, having the ability to bring it up as an overlay would have been nice.

Enter the Reference Overlay Tool.  It does one simple thing- points to a directory of images, and displays them in a transparent window.

* Displays images from a directory (PNG only currently)
* Allows the user to move back and forth through the images
* Allows the user to specify whether the images are stretched to the size of the window or not
* Save settings
* Allow user to change the opacity

* Allow the user to specify whether the window should always be on top or not
* Look into supporting other image typesScreenshotsNANY 2014 Release: Reference Overlay ToolNANY 2014 Release: Reference Overlay ToolNANY 2014 Release: Reference Overlay ToolScreencastDocumentation .NET 4.0 installed, unzip application to location and run.UninstallingDelete application install location.
NotesRequires .NET 4.0.


Is it png only?

For right now.  I'm not sure if that's going to be a permanent limitation or not.

Nice, wraith! I always enjoy your submissions.

With no other input, I plan to aim for Friday to release the final version.  If there's any problems you're having, or any suggestions, let me know!


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