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Designers discuss the new Yahoo Logo: "Logo, Bullshit and Co., Inc."

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There have been some really nice discussions from a few designers on how the new Yahoo logo was created by the ceo in a weekend on a whim, and her deluded description of the design process.  It's a good example of power going to people's heads and a general lack of respect for skills and experience.

Anybody can make a logo.. All it needs is a little time, a computer, someone that knows how to use Illustrator, and taste, maybe. Everybody has taste, right? So let’s do it! So thought Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer, and she went and did it. How did it turn out?

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Other must reads on the topic:

* Yahoo's Logo Reveals the Worst Aspects of the Engineering Mindset -
* Of Irreverence and Irrelevance: A Yahoo! Redesign -

The article is pretty harsh. I guess some of it is deserved. Dunno.

Days 3, 7 and 10 seem ok:

Some just seem idiotic. e.g. Day 6. That's so far removed from reality...

He seems as much upset by the presentation as by the logo itself. This does makes sense to me, as a new logo is like a new face, it's saying we're making a fresh start. And a fresh start needs a bit of omph. Or something.

One could argue that we can’t say if this is bad brand management. Unless we know what the brand ambition, the brand architecture, and the brand strategy is, we ought to have no opinion. Maybe the logo does exactly what it is supposed to do. Because really, it doesn’t matter whether it looks pretty, or whether someone likes or dislikes the purple or the scallops. The Coca-Cola logo was not designed by a professional designer, it is typographically hideous, but that doesn’t matter. Brand identity is not about visual refinement or aesthetics. It can be purposely ugly, like the London Olympics logo. What is important is that it is done seriously.
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In theory it could work out as well as Coca-Cola's unprofessional logo. But looking at it, I dont think so - it doesn't have enough character. It's definitely the best of the bunch shown, but that makes me wonder why they showed all the others. (I'm no expert, and I have disliked logos from multi-million-dollar graphic design companies.)

Heh, I'm a lettering and logo designer and I wholeheartedly agree with the backslash: both the logo and the post-justification for it are terrible.

Specially bullshit is the "our logo doesn't have straight lines because there aren't straight lines in nature" reasoning. The curves are so subtle, and in the web the logo will be generally applied in such small sizes, that it doesn't make any difference. The screen will render and the eye will see straight lines in 90% of the cases.

Also: bevels???  :tellme: The old Yahoo logo was less 1990 than that. The 29 in-joke logos have all the advantage of being straight, one color, no gradient, no shadow, no fake 3-D.

And let me stop at that  8)

Or maybe not  :D

The alternative logo this guy created before the reveal isn't particularly great, but I love his reaction to the final design:

Is it playful? Bevels.

Is it simple? Bevels.

Is it original? Bevels.

Is it iconic? Bevels.

Is it meaningful? Bevels.

Is it timeless? Bevels.

Is it irreverent? Bevels.
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Of irreverence and elegance


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