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Designers discuss the new Yahoo Logo: "Logo, Bullshit and Co., Inc."

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I think she watched far too many episodes of Mad Men... :-\
-40hz (September 07, 2013, 08:50 AM)
--- End quote ---

Lol, and haven't we all?

Part of the problem is that the mathematical approach should not be used in this case. Bilateral symmetry and typography generally don't work well together. Typefaces are like... faces, and we have a keen eye for those. We all have seen those photo edits where a human face looks complete, but it becomes soon clear that one of the side of the head is just mirrored... and the final effect looks often somewhat unnatural and disturbing. The same general principle works for letters.

All letters in the new logo have perfect bilateral symmetry (if you cut them vertically, one side is identical to the other), and the effect is... imbalanced:

Compare to this one, made with Hermann Zapf's Optima (which certainly inspired the new Yahoo typeface). The "Y" and "A" have personality and weight, being asymmetrical in their vertical axis:

Let's say that the new logo is far from OPTIMAL  :D

Yahoo's old logo had its problems, but at least it was very asymmetrical  :Thmbsup:

I would have done something like straight lower case Optima for the "yah" and added an infinity symbol done in a similar semi-serif style after it for the two "O"s - and lost the much too on-the-nose exclamation point as others have suggested.

(And yes. I too loved that Y-bang Richards came up with. :Thmbsup:)


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