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Designers discuss the new Yahoo Logo: "Logo, Bullshit and Co., Inc."

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Thanks for the link to the irreverence essay -- i've added it to the list.

Yeah, that logo turned out pretty crap. Can't say I'm surprised.

The only good choice is the color.. but it's kind of hard to mess up on a single color that is pretty much defined by the old logo already, too...

Okay, a bit of "Devil's Advocate" position here, just to get a few chuckles!

What if it's an elliptical "out of the box result" where the key phrase is "we had great fun"!? To me the logo doesn't stand for anything at all! I as a medium informed consumer, using what I consider Yahoo's last core product (Yahoo Mail!), have no idea what else Yahoo is any good at! After all, they are officially out of the search game, being "powered by Bing". I think they might have some good sports stuff (vague 5th hand hearsay). But what else? I have no idea!

But what if they are doing a bit of a snub on the whole "logo is big business" thing and just having some fun in the middle of an exhausting turnaround? Let them have some fun fiddling with the logo!

I will basically only "care" about them when they unleash something completely new and unexpected! Is *anything* left as a game changer in online tech? Or are we just going to jockey about for the next X years with the same roster of output that we have now? (I was gonna say players but that might move around, aka the MS buyout of Nokia.)

Being a bit facetious, they have a "few bucks left" ... so is it worth it swiping Google's now discarded "20% rule"?

Successive approximation is not the same thing as the process of design.

I think she watched far too many episodes of Mad Men... :-\

Of irreverence and elegance
-paulobrabo (September 07, 2013, 04:13 AM)
--- End quote ---

That is a cool article.  And I love his logo with the Y-bang.


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