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LaunchBar Commander "stealing" focus when "stay on top" enabled

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Looks like this problem has been around for a while, based on previous forum posts, and it's still around in the latest version.  Turning off "Keep LaunchBars On Top" seems to fix it.  Is that the only solution, or is there something else that can be done?

 :Thmbsup: Dang it!

Thanks for that tip jpprater! I did not realize that setting that switch would help with the issue...

For now, that helps me out! It is mildly frustrating when I am trying to right click on items and choose what I need from the context menu to have to keep trying it until I can actually keep the menu open long enough to get the item I want. I really like the application though, and I was continuing to use it even with the minor frustrations.

Thanks again for posting that tip!


You're welcome!  8)

Thanks for stepping in while i have been remiss in responding to posts jpprater  :Thmbsup:

I've fixed similar problems recently in my other docking bar apps, so i should be able to fix it now in LBC -- can someone remind me though a concrete example of what LBC does and how to nudge it into doing this bad thing, so i can more easily test it?

Sorry about the delayed response.  :-[
The bug:  When LBC is running, it steals focus from other open windows.  This only seems to happen when an LBC dock is set to "Always on Top" mode.
How to reproduce:

* Create a dock in LBC.
* Right-click and select "Configure Preferences and Options"
* Go to Options
* Enable the option to keep launchbars on top
* Click the X in the top right.  The bar will reload.
* Switch to another window
* LBC will steal the focus from the active window, whatever that window is, within 5-10 seconds


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