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Movies you've seen lately

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@Ren - you'll love the ending. The ending was made for people like us. ;D
-40hz (September 11, 2013, 09:02 AM)
--- End quote ---

SHHH! No more! I felt bad enough seeing the trailer! I hope that doesn't spoil the movie. And don't tell me if it does! I like going into movies blind and not knowing anything more than the absolute bare minimum. That's what makes movies like Ironman tolerable enough to finish watching, and films like Fallen simply spectacular!

("Batman" was about the worst movie I've ever seen. It was hyped to death and when I saw it, it was a horrible let down. And it had the stupidest line that just made me cringe in uncomfortable embarrassment for the movie, writers, and Michael Keaton -- "Who are you?" "I'm Batman." I just about lost my cookies. What freaked me out though was that a lot of people actually liked that line and thought it was cool.  :huh: After that... no more trailers or anything for me.)

I'm currently watching a 3 DVD set documentary on 9/11. (I'm watching the online version.)

Some very interesting information in there. The way the science is addressed is new as I'd not heard a lot of it. e.g. Airplane speed at different altitudes, etc.

It's available for free online.

Somewhat off topic, but I was listening to this track:

When I started watching this video:

When the narrator's voice kicked in (in the shrimp video) I thought maybe the music was also the soundtrack to the shrimp video, since his voice matches the vocals in the song.

I'm probably not explaining that very well. But try it yourself. Play the Lemon Jelly song first, and then start the Mantis Shrimp video about 20 seconds later. (c:

Maybe I'm just weird. Maybe it only works if you're already familiar with the song and the song's narrator guy person.

This is the end - This one is best enjoyed with either liquid or smoke. Not one bit serious, way over the top and lots of cameyo's. Near the end some body parts are thrown around that you probably should not show to children. But it is a fun ride, if you like the humor of Seth Rogen, that is...and you are not easy religiously offended.

Finally got a chance to watch Die Farbe (The Color) a B&W indie based fairly closely on H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Colour Out of Space. This movie was part of one of those humble bundle deals a while back.

All in all - not bad. Not bad at all. Plays out and looks just like a Bergman movie. You can really feel the influence of Bergman's The Seventh Seal in both the look and the framing story.

Pretty well done for the most part. And it adheres to Lovecraft's story better than most films that are supposedly based on his works. I did have a little disconnect since Lovecraft is permanently linked in my mind with New England - so the German setting threw me for a loop at first. But it worked out rather well once I stopped analyzing everything and just sat back and enjoyed it.

If you're expecting special effects or a lot of action, you're going to be disappointed. This movie moves at a very sedate (my GF characterized it as "glacial" in places) pace. And the cinematography can best be thought of as vintage Euro-Arthouse. Some very creepy moments and visuals. And all of it refreshingly low-key as opposed to the over-the-top "gore" approach most modern horror movies are taking. Truth is, it takes a certain talent with a camera to make a slow pan of an empty field or the exterior of a well maintained farmhouse look and feel sinister.
Good flick IMHO. Even if the ending didn't really quite cut it (for me) since it didn't completely follow plot-wise - and seemed both rushed and almost tacked on as an afterthought.

That aside, this is probably one of the better Lovecraft "inspired" movies done to date. Not the definitive Lovecraft effort by any stretch. But still an enjoyable movie if you're an HPL fan. Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!


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