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Movies you've seen lately

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The thread What are your favorite movies? is pretty active at the moment,
but I thought I'd add this one just for stuff you've seen lately (good or bad).

Hell (German/Swiss) 2011. Director Tim Fehlbaum's first full length feature.
I saw it dubbed in English. It got away with dubbing for me, cause it's not dialogue heavy.

Movies you've seen lately

'Hell' actually means bright in German. The photography is great (that should be cinematography I guess), often extremely overexposed in the heat of the sun. A post apocalyptic thriller in a world where the sun is 10° hotter; formerly fertile land and forests are dead. People looking for water/food. Good suspense. Not much visible gore which suits me fine ;-)
Gets 5.9 at IMDB - I thought it was a great movie, sure I could fault it, but for me it was a 7 or more.

I saw Jack the Giant Slayer a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't that great.

It put me off right from the beginning with a CG sequence with such poor effects that I swear I've seen better from Barbie Dancing Princess movies that looked terrible in 2006. Unfortunately my opinion of Jack (the movie) never fully recovered after that, even though the effects were much better after that opening scene.

Speilberg's Lincoln.

A very nicely executed and stylistically old-fashioned historical drama. With some truly outstanding acting on the part of Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, and Hal Holbrook.

Only two semi-sappy/preachy moments in the entire film. And they weren't so "on the nose" that I felt the urge to start screaming: "Yeah...ok...we get it. We get it already."

Now that has to be some kind of record when it comes to a movie like this. ;D

(BTW: I don't know why I bothered to compliment Tommy Lee Jones. Because (by now) it probably would only be newsworthy if he didn't put in a stellar performance. That guy is just plain good!)



Tall in the Saddle
Surprisingly good story about a man who's framed for murder, but the good guys prevail in the end. Ella Raines takes charge and is hot from the start! Lots of famous people here, but this was Wayne at his best, even though I wasn't that fond of the actor.


Drive Angry
Nicolas Cage is so bad an actor that I actually look forward to seeing what he'll do next, especially since he makes about ten movies a year. Cage escapes from Hell and comes across the smoking hot Amber Heard, and the two of them tear up the roads and the screen from there on. Lots of ass-whuppin, insults, broken bones, and even the cops get smashed and shot up.


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