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Ideas for thanking donators?

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anyone have any innovative ideas on ways we could thank and show appreciation to people who donate to the site.  hopefully ways that wouldn't cost money.
i was thinking one thing we could do is make a Thank You page listing people (with pics?) who have donated (optional of course!).

ummm how about an active, always evolving site! what else could one ask for? well ok maybe an occasional software giveaway to the random joe user. don't stress your brain too much on this one. :) thanks again for the great community!

Donating is like gift-giving; you should do so because you want to, not because you expect something in return, other than perhaps a very small bit of private recognition, which you do already (unfailingly).  Then again, I'm a weirdo; I often don't give gifts on birthdays and other pseudo-occasions, preferring to give gifts on random, unexpected days instead.  I don't like calendars running my life.  :down:

Speaking of gifts, it seems I have a gift for drifting off topic!  :)

OK, if anything, an opt-in page that lists donators would be cool.

I definately agree with Scott on this topic.  I think that you handle the thanking very well (at least prior to the form letter machine ;) ).  I think it might be a good idea to put a small indicator on the donations page that you could update weekly that says
 " Donation Coders budget is currently in the RED"  or
  " Donation Coders budget is currently in theBlack           

So people would know if the need for donations was vital at the moment.
I would personally rather give to a cause that is genuinely in need than one that isn't.  I don't know if that would help out with new donors, but if I saw a red marker as  a member who visits almost daily, I'd give again.  That might prompt you to update the date at the bottom of the donations page regularly to show when the need arose so people wouldn't think you set the page up with a red marker and left it that way.

I don't see any mention of gifts? The fact is you have already given away free software, expensive even at that. It's a great plug for membership, especially if all you have to do is be a member & be active to have a chance at gettin some.  It doesnt matter to me personally, but anything to get more people into the fold.  ;)


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