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Ideas for thanking donators?

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i agree with nudone on free membership to a friend. would be good for exposure on one side, but on the other it goes against the concept of membership here.  besides if a friend would like it here, it's either easy enough to donate or just ask for special circumstances in an email. still having an invitation link/email would be a must.

After thinking on it for a minute, I agree with the idea that inviting a friend to be a member devalues the act of donating.

ok, the members have spoken - forget that idea.

i will still try to make some funny flash invitations though, just as a way to let friends know about the site.
but instead of giving them free membership, the invitations will be set to automatically triple the amount of money extracted from their bank accounts when they donate. 

That's hilarious. I'll vote with the "keep making a great site" crowd. I think a gentle, professional "This site is made possible by your donations, thus the domain name" reminder is sufficient. The best reward, of course, is the smart, vibrant community created right here at DCC.


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