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Ideas for thanking donators?

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it does - one of the bullets says:
"Early access to new reviews and the chance to win free software. "

though one of the things i want to be careful of is not to distort the spirit of this site and end up enticing people to donate for the wrong reasons.  god knows the last thing we would want is for people to be coming and making multiple $1 donations just to get a better chance of winning some free software ;)

the best thing about this site for me is the kind of people that have reacted positively to the idea and supported it; i'm very keen to make this idea work and show people that a donation-based approach to software can be succesful, which is partly why i keep thinking and talking with you guys about the best way to do it.  but the #1 goal is still to make a fun site that everyone feels great about.  it's kind of a balancing act because i know that (most) people need to really see a compelling reason to donate before they'll make the effort

doh! i'm blind.  sorry.  i agree about not wanting people to join for that reason of course.

I think an opt-in page of donators is a great idea.  What about listing names, and having the name link to each donator's forum profile?  That way, each donator could control what they want to say (why they donated, why the believe in the site, what makes them gassy, etc.), or they could link to a pic, their web site, or whatever.  Maybe it's too tacky though.  :tellme:

i'm going to set up such a page..
people will be able to put up a picture of themself (bigger than avatar size) or their family, pet, etc. and a message (doesn't have to be related to, like a short bio if they want, and or link to forum profile. just be nice way of having a page where people can see who members are if they want to share info.  i think the page will be a like a yearbook style page, if you know what i mean.

another thing i think we will: any donating member should be able to give out a free membership to a friend.. i don't know how many, one two,, within reason.  doesn't really cost us anything so why not.. we can make a nice little animated custom flash ecard or something, so you can point your friend to like "", and it will give them a fun personal flash animated greeting saying that so and so has given them a gift lifetime membership.  probably kind of hokey but.. could be fun.

i like it all but the free membership for a friend seems a bit odd to me. sort of devalues the idea of making a donation.


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