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DONE: Scud (RandomMediaLauncher) - enjoy your media collection in a fun way!

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btw, why is it called SCUD?

btw, why is it called SCUD?
-Rockets (September 14, 2020, 06:14 PM)
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I had proposed RandomMediaLauncher, but skwire probably thought about Scud missiles to be launched, so he named it Scud. 8)

I really like that out of 23240401 users, you, Rockets, are asking! :)

Just wanted to share this with all other Scud users: I found it helpful to use several copies of the Scud folder, each loading a different path. Sure, you can adjust the path every time you start Scud, pick one of your favorite path names stored in the settings, but this way it's even easier and just that little bit quicker to launch Scud to enjoy a random song from folder X, a random image from folder Y, or a video from folder Z. :)

I've created a set of folder copies for the specific 5 ways I use Scud most often.


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