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DONE: Scud (RandomMediaLauncher) - enjoy your media collection in a fun way!

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Got a weird bug today... Scud would only use a small selection of subfolders to launch a file from, not ANY of the remaining subfolders (7 launches confirmed that). Yesterday it was still working properly, and I hadn't closed Scud (or rebooted) since.

After I ended and restarted Scud, it worked fine again.

Hello skwire, I'm still using Scud! :) Love it!

Should you ever consider an update, these things would be what I'd love to see:
1) Prevent Scud from being closed when ESC is hit
2) Allow the filter to contain more than one word (now you can filter for "Blue", but not "Blue 2010")
3) A 4th button at the buttom: "Launch random file" (to be able to use it for a folder that contains both audio and video files which should be randomly launched)

Please add an option not to build a list of files if the folder stays the same, I just love to click "pic random pic" many times, but building a list for 200GB pics it takes time to build.

One more option please: copy file to clipboard

2018 version!
Windows 10 updates at 4 in the morning and your comp reboots and all of your music tabs play at once!


So I lost some open things but sometimes a nudge can be worked with.


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