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DONE: Scud (RandomMediaLauncher) - enjoy your media collection in a fun way!

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Wouldn't it be fun if you had a little launcher tool that would ask you for a path (and you could either click through to a folder or just paste a path into the window) and it would search for all media matching the given extension(s) and then randomly launch one (with the media player association you set in Windows)? I'd love it! :)

Optional extras:
- put the full path of the file launched into the Windows clipboard
- a customizable list of file types to pick from, somewhat like in Locate ( so you don't have to enter all the different video or sound file types manually

Give this a shot: Scud

DONE: Scud (RandomMediaLauncher) - enjoy your media collection in a fun way!

Wow, awesome! Thanks a lot! Works like a charm :Thmbsup:

More ideas:

- an option below the folder field to specify "must match", results would be limited to matching a pattern you enter here, e.g. "vacation" would only launch files with that search string in the path (maybe an additional option to choose if it must be in the file name or/and in the directory part of the path)

- how about an icon for Scud? The forum didn't allow to attach it, so here it is:

- how about an option/button for a random image?

And a little bug :)

I got an "error launching file" - I can start it OK from Locate, so not sure why... the only 'special' thing is that the path contains a "#" character, does AHK maybe have a problem with that?

Edit: Hmm... another error message, but this time no "#" character in the path.


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