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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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So i guess i mucked things up with this topic, not understanding what people meant by "pledges".. I don't know if this means we should start 2 new threads to clean things up, one for just people stating what they are willing to do to help out fundraiser, and one for people organizing some kind of pledge-to-donate-if-other-people-accomplish-some-goal "pledge" thing.

Not to want to rain on things...but I'm not super keen on the whole pledging concept in general. -40hz (February 21, 2011, 11:11 PM)
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I completely agree with 40hz.

By now, mouser (and Perry, haha) know I don't much agree with all the extra rules (maybe too strong of a word in this case) and structure that tend to get added to things over time.  I don't like change for change's sake and I don't like solutions in search of a problem.  I feel they just muck things up and people lose sight of the original goal and then focus more on the all these new details that don't matter.  I feel that people are either eager to donate or don't care one whit about it.  No amount of incentive will get the latter to donate.  Personally, I do not donate to causes with the expectation of getting something in return.  In other words, I don't think that there are as many swayable or "on the fence" types as you might think.  Instead of putting the effort on trying to win that group over, we should put the focus onto getting the word out to the blogosphere.  Word of mouth is powerful stuff.

What do people *think* the pledging concept is?  I didn't look at it as a rules based thing, nor an either/or type of situation.  What I thought when you pledged something is similar to pledging for the many walks or such... you pledge to do something, and get people behind you.  Not just post it, but actually get people behind you... whether from DoCo, or people you know from other sites.  If others from DoCo want to contribute to your pledge, that's fine... but I thought that the major impetus would be the fulfiller of the pledge- something like KickStarter.  No rules- it's just to release something, and get people behind your release with money that will be given to DoCo.  That was my  :two: anyway.

I'm with wraith:

I think pledges are essential in this context. We're showing the world how active we are, how much goes on in DC. It's like the annual village fete that raises money for the church roof. You gather together, have fun, do silly things, win trivia, all in a good cause. And all powered by people who have pledged to join in and make it happen by being pro-active.

Compare and contrast if someone were simply sitting in a field with a coin box saying, "please donate to the church roof" *rattle rattle* as the traffic whizzes past.

Maybe I should clarify a bit; I don't mind so much the pledges and pledging.  It's all the extra incentive stuff that we're discussing that I don't care much for.  IMO, a pledge/donation should be made without any expectation of something in return.  Yes, granted, often you do get something in return but I don't think one should expect it when they make a pledge or donation.  That's how I was brought up *shrug*.  So, when I see us focusing our effort more on what people should get in return for a donation/pledge rather than using that effort to spread the fact that we are soliciting donations, it irks me a bit.  Not much, mind you, I'm way too laid back for that...but a little.   :D  I'd just rather see our energies more focused on spreading the word and, as you say, "gather together, have fun, do silly things."   :P  I'm more of a "get things done" type of person as opposed to the type that likes to discuss things endlessly.   ;D


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