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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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Posted, a day late!

- Oshyan

Earlier someone suggested finding a method of using some of the funds obtained in this fundraiser to bring in new members or what has changed etc.  Regardless of the validity or tactful nature of his comment, I do have one possible suggestion.

I found this forum when I was searching for a replacement for Launchy.  Through a Google Search and some poking a I found Find and Run Robot.  A great piece of software that I love, and immediately I became a supporter of this site.  Perhaps if we compile a list of some of the more prominent or popular applications, by downloads, voting or whatever metric is determined to be appropriate, and buy a some adwords or other advertising for the chosen software.  You could have it point to landing pages not only geared toward getting them the software in easy and uncluttered manner, but also exhort the benefits of DonationCoder and the micro-transaction model the site runs on.

I personally thought the idea of self-micro-financed software/forum site to be one of the main drivers to getting my wallet out of my pocket.  The signal-to-noise ratio of this forum is absolutely fantastic.  This gives the opportunity to not only get them using the software, but also to become aware of the community behind the product.  A lot of the software on this site is geared to those who are computer literate.  Those individuals I believe will be enticed by the mission statement of the site, as I was, when you get their attention.

Thank you

^ That's actually a very good idea, IMO.  I know people have a lot against Adwords, but what about another advertising engine?  I saw one that was highly recommended for transparency and the general awareness of the company- though of course I can't find it now.  I think it was discussed here before...

UPDATE: Project Wonderful is what I was referring to -  I can't currently get to it, though... not sure if my ABP is being too zealous or not.

It's discussed here, and on App's blog post here.


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