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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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Countdown to the 2011 Fundraiser: [countdown=3,1,2011,7,0,Starts in ,.]Has Begun![/countdown]

On this thread I think I was asked to start a new thread where people can pledge to do something for the March 2011 fundraiser.

The idea is to have a bunch of special things happening in March that will bring some attention to the site and encourage long time members and new members alike to make a donation to the site.

From this standpoint, I think some of the more useful things we could are things that we do one-per-day for the entire month; things that show off what is special about the site.

So for me I think at the top of the list would be Coding Snacks (software) and Mini-Reviews.

If we could find enough people to pledge to write a coding snack or a mini-review, it would be nice to be able to announce that we will have one new coding snack and one new mini-review of a software program per day.  But I'm not sure that's realistic...  And it's very important that we not commit to something we can't pull off..

So I think the question or this thread is.. what are you willing to (comfortably) pledge to do in the month of march for our fundraiser?

If we can find other people to get us up to one per day, I am willing to pledge to release 5 small coding snack utilities in March.  That would leave 26 more we'd have to find coders to create.  If we can't get enough pledges to do it that's ok -- please do NOT pledge less than you can confidently accomplish spread throughout the month (we can't have them all arriving on last day of the month -- they have to come one per day!).

Count me in for five.  Plus any slack we have.  =]

Pledge: to release a new DC app sometime in March

Pledge: to do a review of a previously un-reviewed piece of software, again sometime in March

Pledge: (if we adopt it) to take up Stoic Joker's suggestion of getting the donations moving around!

Do we get dates assigned?

For coding snack (small program) pledges: 11 down, 20 to go.
For mini-reviews: 1 down and 30 to go.

As for dates -- This is really important -- We will have to have deadline dates, and everyone should expect their first deadline will be the first week of march.

That's because a key part of this idea is to release ONE PER DAY.  So if we are going to be releasing one per day and keeping to a strict schedule, there is little room for error.


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