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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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believe it or not, i think i'm going to give EverNote a try.

urlwolf has made me consider what it would be like to search within the notes for specific text, etc. and it looks like EverNote might be just right.

everyone who as been reading this thread knows what EverNote can do, so i won't repeat it.

i was considering purchasing BrainStorm for its quick 'idea' entry ability (has it been mentioned on this thread already?). i'm sure it's very useful for this but i couldn't get the hang of the program interface.

i think i'll be able to use EverNote do something similar regarding throwing loads of ideas into it and then sorting them later on by keyword/tags.

I seem to remember playing with Brainstorm, I think, but I'm not sure.  From what I remember, it seemed to me to be more of a good outliner than a notetaker.

nudone, I think you will like Evernote.  Nothing beats it when it comes to finding unorganized information.  If you want to save some information and you have no desire to organize it at all, just stick it in evernote because you will be able to find it later.

Nudone, I have the beta of Evernote 2.0 installed and Superboyac is right about finding unorganized data. I place everything in it and have little trouble finding it later. It even as OCR technology built in and can index, search for, and find text in photos and scans. Of course, I've yet to figure out how to use this feature (but I don't need it, either, so have not been overly motivated)!

Regarding configuring DOpus, YES! it can be quite confusing. The problem, for me, is that I find the documentation to be quite dense, so it takes a long time for me to get from inspiration to realisation when I'm tweaking DOpus. What I hate about configuring DOpus in general is that it takes me ages to figure out how to do something. When I get everything just "so" it's perfect for months, even years, until I want to tweak it further - then I'm back digging through the manual and help files because I have usually forgotten how to do what I need to do. Frustrating, but I still can't live without it...

i've not done much yet with EverNote - the free version, but i am wondering if i should just move all my surfulator content over to it. i don't know. it's like going around in circles. nothing fits the bill 100% percent and yet it's just too hard to give up and accept things for the way they are, i.e. using several apps for similar tasks. i also suspect that nothing will ever satisfy the people in this thread.

sounds like i should be trying EverNote 2.0 anyhow.

It IS a bit like running around in circles chasing one's tail. I've kind of settled into a cocktail of DOpus, X1, Locate, Evernote, TNP, and Net Snippets. Net stuff gets saved to both Net Snippets and Evernote but accessed via Net Snippets unless I can't remember what I did with it. I like Net Snippets because I still like to exert control over how my stuff is organized. Evernote is simpler and more powerful but I can't ORGANISE it - it does this for me, in a way... I use TNP for projects, as noted above, X1 to find content in my files, mostly pdf's, locate 3 to quickly find files, and DOpus to do the aforementioned organisation. Essentially, I'm in love with software and am always looking for the perfect app. I suspect that I'd be deeply unhappy if I actually found an app that did everything that I require of it  - the software collecting compulsion is simply too strong...


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