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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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Darwin, i shall consider your list of apps when i get the time to look at them more closely. and i shall also have to consider the way i work and the software i currently use - or don't use even though it is there on the hard drive.

Nudone wrote:

or don't use even though it is there on the hard drive
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That, sadly, sums things up with respect to my software habit rather nicely...

It IS a bit like running around in circles chasing one's tail. I've kind of settled into a cocktail of DOpus, X1, Locate, Evernote, TNP, and Net Snippets.
-Darwin (February 01, 2007, 02:26 PM)
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I'm in the same boat.  I use multiple notetaking softwares simultaneously.  I use Evernote anytime I want to save information, but I'm not sure if I really need it or not.  I don't even attempt to organize it, I just dump it all in Evernote.  Also, for any web capturing I'll also use Evernote.

For more important notes that I need better organization for, I use myBase, although I think I am going to switch to Texnotes Pro pretty soon.

Surfulater, to me, is still the best if a large portion of your notes come from the web.  Unlike Evernote, it offers advanced organization features like most hierarchical programs.  I do very little web capturing, that's why I just dump them into Evernote.

I also use DOpus and Locate, but I don't consider that part of my notetaking process.  That's just file management to me.  I used X1 for a while, but I really don't have a need to search deep within the contents of my files or emails or whatever.

Maybe you are right, Darwin.  Perhaps it's better that there isn't one application that does all aspects of this entire process well.  I've never liked all-in-one apps because they just don't work as well as specialized products.  Maybe the Frankenote that I talked about in my review isn't such a good idea.  I just had an idea; in the followup to my notetaking roundup, instead of delving deeper into the features of the programs again, maybe I'll talk more about the philosophy of the programs, and relate them to what program is suited for what user.

I'll talk more about the philosophy of the programs, and relate them to what program is suited for what user
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I like the sound of that. Just to clarify, I don't use X1 and DOpus as part of my note taking regimen; I'd managed to digress to talking about file organization in addition to notetaking! mea culpa...

believe it or not, i think i'm going to give EverNote a try.
-nudone (February 01, 2007, 06:30 AM)
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Has anyone noticed the beta of EverNote Portable?  Saves its data as XML files in its own directory.  It would be nice if more of these programs used such an open format to permit a degree of interchange of data. Also sounds like the main version of EverNote is too dependent on the Windows Registry for my taste.

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