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General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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I didnt know you could change the context menu there! (I knew you could do it somewhere  ;) )
from this point you can edit it how you like. just make sure you put the command in the "function" field bit.
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or you can make a toolbar/menu button with the advantage of being able to create a keyboard shortcut - or better again do both  :)

from the above thread:

--- ---<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button display="both" effect="gray">
   <label>Create text file (no rename mode)</label>
   <function type="batch">
      <instruction>runmode hide</instruction>
      <instruction>echo.>"Notes {DATE|yyyy.MM.dd}.txt"</instruction>
      <instruction>dopusrt /cmd Select MAKEVISIBLE "Notes {DATE|yyyy.MM.dd}.txt"</instruction>
again: right click a menu/toolbar> customise.
then right click toolbar where you want the button & select paste (paste the above)

That will give you a button which creates text file with title:
Notes_yyyy.MM.dd.txt    (i.e. with todays date)

 - you can change this to whatever you want on this line

--- --- <instruction>echo.>"Notes {DATE|yyyy.MM.dd}.txt"</instruction>
there's tutorials at that forum as well for creating menus, toolbars, etc

thanks, I added a shortcut as well. nice.
Nudone, I think your system may face a problem when searching your notes. Are you going to create an index (say locate 3.0)? Even so, the indexer will not give you the matches highlighting that most applications would.

Any workaround for this?

PS: Is it me, or is the options panel in Dopus just crazy convoluted?

An added problem: no formatting, pictures, or tables in your notes.

PS: Is it me, or is the options panel in Dopus just crazy convoluted?
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theres too much going on there -
you can approach things from many different directions - they could do with a tagging system for their options panel as well !

urlwolf, you are right, of course.

txt files don't do much other than provide text and there won't be any way of searching within the txt files. hmm, i'd not considered this but the truth is i've never needed that kind of functionality. i work mainly with image files and just add a few notes to them to suggest further editing or possible project ideas. this is probably why i don't get very far with traditional note manager programs.

textnotespro looked like the perfect app in that it's for managing notes but you can also attach any kind of file and even draw images from within the program - only that you can't, or i can't, as it crashes when i start trying to do 'image' things with it.

i have surfulator and so i tried to use that as note manager but it's really not geared up for that kind of thing yet. i know it has the 'note' creation feature but it's too clumsy the way it works. it's great for its primary job of grabbing content from elsewhere but not for creating original content.

i like the idea of locate, i've tried it, but i tend to know exactly where my files are BUT i don't tend to know what the files are named. so it's of little use to me.


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