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Anyone familiar with Oops!Backup?

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Or, perhaps, a related product?

Looking for something that will update files when a USB stick is inserted.  Needs to synchronize, not just transfer, as there could be multiple, bi-directional changes.  Transfer involves only two boxes at present time, but could be expanded to three, perhaps four.

Cannot use stick as primary storage, since data files may be in use when stick transferred.  Anything functional is going to be kind of a kludge, I'm afraid.

My hope is something that will run upon insert, then alert me if any of the data files are currently in use on that box.

I'm afraid my explanation is kinda cloudy, sorry.

This came up at Life Rocks this week.

Seems it should be capable, but doesn't say it will do what you are saying with usb.
Plenty of options with this 'PureSync'.
It stays running in the background, and I could not find an option for it not to.
Except via msconfig, which worked so it would not autostart with windows.

USB Detect & Launch

USB Detect & Launch allows you to automatically execute a script or application each time a USB storage device is plugged into your PC. Different scripts can be executed for different devices and it’s the volume label that determines what action to perform.
--- End quote ---

If you are looking for something that runs from USB stick,
Toucan is a great simple straight forward app  :Thmbsup: 
Free software, opensource GPL  :)

If i understand correctly what you want is to synchronize a directory with the one on a pen drive in both directions.

There are many programs that does this:

This one looks good SynKron:

portable version:


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