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Anyone familiar with Oops!Backup?

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Not sure - I'd have to check, but the last time I checked a few days ago it said, yet Support told me in an email yesterday to download 3.0.18 - which doesn’t sound right. Unless they are using a numbering system like 3.0.1, 3.0.2, etc. up to 3.0.18, 3.0.19...  Of course that would mean that I somehow missed 3.0.9 through 3.0.17 all in a couple of days. I don’t think so. Weird.



Very interesting reading, especially J-MAC and where he got to after 3 weeks of using the product (been there)....

When V2 was under rampant development, I got involved and was a big fan, had lots of issues though and hoped they'd all be resolved in V3, but that didn't happen, V3 was more of a service pack, and at 3.0.31 that still seems to be the state of play.

The fundamental underlying concept behind Oops, i.e. the deltas and the easy access to the latest version via windows explorer, is great, but I finally had the same problem as J-MAC, couldn't for the life of me workout what it was putting into the repository, nor how to prune/clean it after changes to the backup specifications.

While everyone says the BackInTime interface is simple, I personally would like to throttle the person who designed it. There is no menu system scoping out and giving access to the complete functionality of the product, additions have been tacked on via little screens, buttons, context find yourself right mouse clicking all over the product trying to find functionality......there is no easy to review list of all available past versions, those bloody dated green animated slides representing timelines, you open one and the others close, what is wrong with a standard scrolling list for gods sake??

<<ed>> And it does not highlight files that previously existed and have been deleted, this one really annoys me. It highlights files/folders I have told it not to backup in exceptions, but not those that have some past history in the rep[ository, but have been deleted!! <<end ed>>

Having said all that however, I did put it back on recently, because of its 'transactional' approach to a backup, where if a backup fails, it is roilled back and done again, along with the recent additions allowing limitation to the size of history. I did this after a power failure in the middle of a SyncToy job left a backup drive corrupted. (Whether Oops will actually improve this scenario or not, have no real idea, I just find the whole product the most impossible to evaluate that I have ever had to)

Yes as they say, it is simple to install and start....if you don't ask too many questions....but who of you are going to trust your future data recovery requirements to blind faith in a product you don't fully understand, and I still fail to fully understand Oops after all this.

I've already had one issue with the second drive synchronization, and was only able to solve that by choosing to delete all versions of the files involved, but on looking in the repository, saw that it had only deleted the latest and the history was still there??? not what I expected and this takes me back to the comment about problems pruning/cleaning the repository. <<ed>> I may have worked this out. On the delete, I think that what it has done is copy the Latest to be deleted to History, so it has treated it as a deleted file, thus allowing me to go back to a date prior to my removing all versions, and still recover a version prior to this date. This would be appropriate if I actually deleted the file, but since I chose to delete ALL versions from the backup, it should in this case have deleted the history as well. This is my problem with Oops, we spend half our lives trying to work out what it is doing because the documentation is so poor and scant <<end ed>> This history seems to have become old versions now that a new backup has happened, but who knows if they are recoverable because I thought the most recent delta was created by comparing the changed file with the latest version (which I just deleted) and the latest delta in history would have related to the latest I deleted rather than the changed file?????

A major problem I have with Oops is the scant to negligable documentation on the product especially with regards to micro detail on what goes on within the repositiory of backup versions, i.e when versions and deltas are created and deleted and how I can manipulate that according to my requirements because only knowledge of that will give me full understanding of just what goes on within Oops.

I'd love for Oops to succeed as a backup product because of it's fundamental concepts outlined above, but for me, I am still parallel running Synctoy with Oops, and important files are being backed up online with IDrive, because I just can't develop trust in any of them.

I've finally gotten myself a NAS and am looking for an automatic versioning backup system that will monitor my document directories and make versioned backups automatically.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the posters in this thread -- I'm still not sure which product to go with but OoopsBackup is high on the list and this thread has made for some useful insights.  :up:

-hmm... because of this thread I have not installed my Oops! Pro ;-)


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