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Anyone familiar with Oops!Backup?

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If you want to, ah, shall we say, back up somebody else's data without them knowing, you can always go for Switchblade or Hacksaw.  I stumbled upon it quite by chance, and thought it was interesting.

Hi , you might want to check out a open source project that my team have been working on at

OOPs Backup works pretty well and you have to configure it so that the drive where the backup should be is the usb drive then you can do it manually each time that you insert the usb key, but also possible automatically upon usb insertion.

There is also genie timeline  pro
Plug‘n Backup
On the go? Timeline monitors changes. It will automatically resume when reconnected to the backup drive; no need to even push a button.


Syncless looked good at first, but shows two (2) significant issues.  Firstly, it took eighteen to twenty (18-20) hours to index - ? - forty-six (46) GB, about 16,000+ files.  Secondly, and much more importantly to me, it changed the date on every folder and every file, costing me any date history on the files it touched.  Not acceptable behavior, methinks.

I love the concept behind the product, but 'twould seem that it's not quite ready for prime time  :o.

Next test is Genie Timeline.

If you are finding tool to synchronizing 2 folder, Syncless is definitely not the choice as our algorithm is not optimized for 2 folder. However for n-way synchronization, you could take a look at all-way sync and perhap syncless. I didnt do a test on 46gb of files, but the highest i went was 200,000 files around 11gb, and it took like 2~3 hours =/. The time taken is not for indexing,but for writing the metadata , and we are currently looking at how to optimize it =P.


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