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NANY 2010 Final Release: Reimbursement Tracker

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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name Reimbursement Tracker Version 0.4.6 Short Description Tool to help manage a list of reimbursements, with support for printing to a thermal printer. Supported OSes Anything with .NET (only tested on Windows) Web Page This thread, for now. Download Link ZIP 329KB System Requirements
* .NET
* (optional) Thermal PrinterVersion History
* 0.0.1 - Started
* 0.1.0 - Basic list functionality
* 0.2.0 - Printing to thermal printer added (specifically Custom Neo's), saving and loading added.
* 0.2.5 - List redone with DataGridView.
* 0.3.0 - Added icons from famfamfam.  Fixed "new" bug.
* 0.3.5 - Misc. tweaks, release to NANY (note: this is still really beta.)
* 0.4.0 - Printing support added (note: it does receipt-style printing.  invoice-style printing, if desired, will come later.)
* 0.4.5 - Receipt Printer code upgraded - serial port option and checking now implemented
* 0.4.6 - Fixed receipt printing bugAuthor NinJA999 Screencast
* YouTube:

Keep track of the money others owe you! This is a tool created to help a user manage his/her reimbursable expenses and designed to create an attractive, easy to read, and easy for the boss to understand list.  It has the ability to print, or to print a professional-looking receipt to a thermal printer (receipt printer).

I created the application to help me keep track of my expenses for my robotics team (I spent over $600 of my own money last year, I believe) and drama club (I spent $100.01 on one play, as can be seen in the screenshot below!).  I happened to have a thermal printer and thought it would be awesome to have a "receipt" of my own to give to people so I could get that money back.  (That's why the receipt printing was one of the first things done!)  I know not many people have thermal printers, but hopefully this will be useful to others regardless!


* Keep track of date, location, description, and price of each expense.
* Negative prices (e.g. returns or rebates) supported.
* Print to thermal printer!  (Serial Port selectable)  (Note:  only the Custom Neo's is officially supported right now -- as it's the only printer I own to test on!  However, I am working on a plugin-like system to allow other printers with different commands to be easily added.  Most printers share similar serial commands, so this should not be a big problem.)
* Printing to actual printer (currently receipt-style; invoice-style coming soon!)
Planned Features

* Plugin-like system for other thermal printers (see above!)
* Management system for thermal printers (to allow user to change the current printer from the plugins, to change the serial port to use, and to do a test print) -- this one is drawn out, and will be implemented very soon.
* Undo/redo (again, the buttons are there but don't do anything yet)


Receipt generated from above list:
NANY 2010 Final Release: Reimbursement Tracker

Currently, just unzip the zip and run the exe.  Once I implement the plugin system, it'll probably become slightly more complicated (but only slightly; I want it to be as easy-to-use as possible!).

Using the Application
Well, most of the actions are pretty self-explanatory.  Enter reimbursements into the table in the main part of the application.  Lists are saved as .reb files.
There'll be more instructions once I complete the more complicated features.

Currently, delete the exe and dll (and the settings xml).  Again, it may become more complicated later.

Known Issues

* No actual invoice-style regular-printer printing yet.
* Your thermal printer may not work with it yet.
* Undo and redo do not work yet.
Can anyone think of a better name?  Any input is appreciated!

I am releasing this as-is.  However, it is still  a beta program.  The thermal printing will only work if your printer is compatible with the Custom Neo's.  I didn't have as much time to work on this as I thought (College Applications can be a pain), but the basic functionality is there!  "Final Release" means final for NANY, not final forever.  Feedback appreciated!

I've updated it to be much better (including printing!).  Sorry the updated version wasn't released till after NANY was over.  But still check it out if you get the chance!

Perry Mowbray:

What about UOMe for a name?

I'll never get a thermal printer (never say never, I know), but I would email a pdf receipt, so I'd be keen on that functionality. Do you get the option of just outstanding or all items?

It functions a bit like a statement, but it looks like you're just adding credits and debits and totalling them? Statements also can have the concept of an actual invoice being paid, and then therefore wont appear in future. That is you can apply a payment to particular fees.

Looks nice.  :Thmbsup:

Hmm, great idea for the name -- except at first glance I'd have no idea what it would do!  Only once I knew would I figure it out  ;D .  But thanks for the suggestion!

Well, when I originally designed this, it was just to tabulate the entire list, then hand in the receipt at the end to get one large check back.  Additional items could go on a new list (new .reb).  But that's a good idea, I'll see if I can work that in.

As for the PDF saving, well you *could* print to a pdf using one of those pdf printers, but I'll see if I can find a way to directly generate a pdf.  Great idea!

Thanks for your feedback!

Perry Mowbray:
Agreed re pdf printing. I think I was following on from the print>thermal and hand to person idea; so it'd be print to pdf and email to person (hopefully in one action)

There are command line pdf tools, as well as developer tools (probably paid)

Yes I wasn't sure how you'd connect to IOU, and didn't even know how widely spread that acronym was used?? Maybe it's I-O-U and so the name could be U-O-Me?

That makes sense concerning the job list too: that makes it unlike a statement and more like an invoice. It was those part payments that was confusing me  ;)

Released!  See note at the end of the first post.


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