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NANY 2010 Final Release: Reimbursement Tracker

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Very nice and easy to use.  Easier than setting up a spreadsheet for the same basic needs.  I like that you included the drop-down calendar to choose other dates.
This could be adapted to other uses like cranioscopical has.  Anything a person would like to keep a simple record of the price of something.  Even a simple check register.

A couple of possible things to consider for future versions:
Ability to change the header.  Someone may want it to say "Check Register" for instance.
And a line or two in the header to add a person's name, project, etc.  Like your robotics or drama expenses.  Each can be saved as a separate file but when printed you can also see at a glance what group they are.

Thanks for adding the regular printer function so quickly.  Works great. Used it with a pdf printer and works fine also.

Good Job.  :up:

Thanks!  Yeah, those are great ideas, and they're now on the to-do list.  Be sure to check back for updates!  Glad to hear you were able to use the pdf printer in conjunction with my printing capability.

A question to anyone who's tried it out: how important is the invoice-style printing (e.g. in a grid styled more like an invoice -- the current one is just an adaptation of the receipt print mode and is a bit weird)?  Should I work on the other features first?

how important is the invoice-style printing
--- End quote ---

FWIW what you have is fine for my purposes, which are quite informal.

I'd just like to point out (to Perry probably) that the YouTube video has misspelled Tracker. There's an extra "t" in it.


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