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Maximize Windows "partially" [finished]

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^^ Both if possible. (Of course, Windows 7 introduces 2 more ways of maximizing a window, either by dragging it to the top of the screen, or Win+Up combination).

I use two Macro programs, Autohotkey and Macro Express, each has it's strengths.  This would be a snap using Macro Express, but I'm sure it could be done easily enough in AutoHotkey, particularly if you hardcode the window size for your monitor and personal preferences.  Just use the appropriate window resize command.  

More complicated if you want it to work using any size monitor, then you have to get the monitor size and have the code do the math.

Should be easy to have the macro fire with a left-click on the Maximize button, maybe not so easy to trap "Alt-Space,X", but for my own use I'd assign a different hotkey anyway.  I know you wanted to trigger the resizing by catching the actual maximization, but someone else will have to tell you how to do that.

I agree with AndyM.  If you use your own hotkey, then the "real" windows maximize will still work.  If your interception code does crazy things, then you'd have to kill your program to keep your desktop from acting like it was malware infected. :)

Ok then. A hotkey sounds like a good idea, and it's a lot less work  ;D!

Do you really want to maximise or just restore a screen layout? Actual Window Manager can do this and there is a 50% discount at the moment on the DC specials page ... Just a thought ...

WindowPad AHK Script or gridemove as previously listed could also be useful?

Or Winsplit Revolution can be setup like gridemove with a custom grid ..

Not sure any exactly match what you are asking for ... but the AHK script might be useful.



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