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Maximize Windows "partially" [finished]

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Is it possible to make a program using AHK such that when I maximizes a window, it doesn't fill the entire screen, rather it fills it partially.

The gadgets sidebar in Windows Vista is like this; when you maximize, the window maximizes up to the sidebar, and doesn't cover it. Something like that, but a user defined region, is what I'm looking for.


maybe not a perfect fit, but gridmove might be of interest

Mouser's own Desktop Coral is probably what you're after.

Thanks for the responses.

I tried desktop coral, and it's close to what I want. However, it seems that I can't put windows in the reserved area, which is what I'm after.

More help?  :D

You could do it a number of ways.  Anything that has a "Win Move" type function can move and resize the window.  It's more a matter if the normal mouse click in the maximize control has to be detected that would take some time. If you can use a hotkey or special mouse click or even a command line such as NirCmd then it would be easier.

edit: otoh I'd be very surpised if or ZDNet didn't have something already debugged. :)


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