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Maximize Windows "partially" [finished]

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The gadgets sidebar in Windows Vista is like this; when you maximize, the window maximizes up to the sidebar, and doesn't cover it. Something like that, but a user defined region, is what I'm looking for.-kli6891 (August 19, 2009, 05:38 PM)
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as Target posted, GridMove has support for user-defined regions. another alternative is Hawkeye ShellInit.

maybe you want to try MaxTo as well but it's not free..

The main thing I would see with the "do it yourself" approach is you'd need to use something, maybe an .ini file, to enter params for either maximization or the area to leave open when maximized, and the previous size of the window so you could toggle it back.  Say if you did a middle mouse click on the title bar, get active window, if it's not at the custom max size, store current size and position and max it(maybe just store the window info to the .ini file or some data file of your own design or something.) If you middle click something already maxed and previous position/size info is there, restore to those settings, if no info, restore to 1/2 screen size or some default, etc..

You could do that fairly easily with AHK, AutoIt3 or VBS script.  In fact you might find something on this site for VBS:

Thanks for the suggestions again. I'll tried to do this with AHK, since it sounds like a fun and useful (to me at least) project to tackle.

I'll report here if/when I'm finished.
Thanks again.

Ok, the weekend has arrived, and I tried tackling this program.
And immediately I need some help  :'(.

How do I make AHK detect that a user has initiated a maximize action. I read the documentation on OnMessage(), but it seems that it can only receive messages send to the AHK script, not to other windows. Perhaps someone w/ experience can help me with this?

My other idea is to do a continuous loop with WinGet to see if the window is maximized. And if it goes from normal to maximized, then the script will trigger.

Does anyone have a better idea?


How do I make AHK detect that a user has initiated a maximize action.
-kli6891 (August 22, 2009, 09:21 AM)
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Are you looking to intercept a mouse-click on the maximize button or the keystrokes for the menu selection?


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