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Everything plugin for FARR

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Sorry but I've been extremely busy these days.. During next month I'll try to fix the character issue and it's not fixable by altering options :(

Totally understandable. I just can't get my arms down again after I've realised the potential of the plugin, it's so quick and beautiful :-)

Nice work Vrokolos, thanks.

I look forward to future updates, and increased functionality!!

I just asked everyhing's developer (thanks dude!) for some stuff that can hopefully make everything and FARR integration much better
Here's the topic:
I think I'll wait for those before doing any additional changes on the current plugin because anything I'll do now will become obsolete by the time next everything's version comes out.

Vrokolos that's very cool.  Only takes a minute to set up.  Looking forward to the next iteration.   :Thmbsup:


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