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Everything plugin for FARR

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We'd better wait and see what Vrokolos says. But my guess is no. BTW, Everything seems pretty light on system resources.

Is there some easy way to make the plugin not display the match list but instead pass it to another plugin? I'm specifically thinking if it would be possible to make a better implementation of what I was previously aiming at with the half-finished album displayer plugin ( ).

Parts needed:
- users enters "[alias] [searchphrase]"
- Everything plugin searches [some specific folder(s)] for any subfolders that match [searchphrase] and includes a folder.jpg file.
(the [some specific folder(s)] needs to be set by the user somehow)
- Everything plugin returns matches, feeds them to another plugin
- second plugin outputs a htmlview mode grid with folder.jpg thumbnails similar to album displayer's output (above)

With Farr there's a +sall switch to show more than the five, would it be possible for Everything to use the longer list view if over X results are returned? -justice (January 20, 2009, 04:46 AM)
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I'd like to see this as well!

Otherwise excellent and really fast plugin. Thanks!

This is great ! :)

Hey Vrokolos.

Still enjoying the fruits of your work with this plugin, thanks a lot. Is there any chance that you might fix the character problem? Is there anything I can do myself to fix it, like altering options?



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