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Everything plugin for FARR

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btw anyone else getting invalid argument to date encode causing FARR to crap out? If I type: ev favess   not only do I get an error but I have to click on 6 dialogs to kill FARR off.  Strange.

Edit: If it's any help it only seems to fire the error on Vista64 Home Premium SP1.  My Vista 32 bit without the service pack hasn't tripped any errors yet.

promising news!  :Thmbsup:

While we eagerly wait for Vrokolos who waits for the Everything dev to release a new version I wonder if Mouser can give an indication on possible future Everything/FARR integration.

I mean (optionally) using Everything as "search engine" for all FARR searches and then apply regular FARR filtering on top of that.

Does that seem doable in the forseable future (this spring/summer)? Or is it feasible only as a long term project (if even that)?

thanks for this nice plugin

This exactly what I was looking for yesterday from a launcher to do. Reading I found FARR, then, reading more  I found Everything, and today  I find this Everything plug in for FARR. My problem is that I have no technical knowledge for setting up this plugin as I read in the instructions you give above. Is there some possible explanation for dummies? :-[


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