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Bug Issue v1.05.02

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Ok I replaced the exe file checked the boxes and restarted same deal it starts to start minimized but then it runs maximized.  I did notice one more thing.  Usually if I add something to my start menu I'll get a warning from CounterSpy asking me if I want to do that.  I addded two progrmas to my start menu yesterday and only got the warning from one.  At no time does counterspy give me the warning which means for some reason the system is not seeing it even though the entry is in startup.  Hope this makes sense.  A crutch could be a registry hack to always start minimized than I could manually add it to my startup folder. 

if you don't mind i'd rather you not find a fix :)
more important for me to figure out what is causing this strange behavior.

question: are any of the options in the options dialog set to what you set them to, or do they all get reset when it starts up this way?

what operating system do you have, winxp win2k, 98, me?

I'm using XP Pro.  The only options i changed were the startup options

The program works fine except for the startup issue.  I can really see the possibilities of this program.  I really think it has to do with the fact that counterspy is not seeing it being added to my start folder.  Like i said I installed 2 programs and only got the one warning.  CHS so far has not generated the warning.  Does the program do this for you?   

the program starts up minimized for me fine and i also use windows xp.  the fact that those checkboxes are not checked are the biggest surprise for me.  maybe you wouldnt mind trying to change a lot of options and restarting it and seeing if it resets all of the settings.

also would be very useful to hear if you exit and restart before rebooting and see if the start minimized stuff works then.


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