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Bug Issue v1.05.02

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I just downloaded and installed CHS.  It looks promising.  Of all the clipboard programs out there this one is the most useful without taking over your cut and paste operations.  I like how it works in the background.  The bug.  The program will not start minimized with windows even though the boxes are checked and I have a current license.  Observations:
Checking the boxes Start with windows and Start minimized creates an entry in MSCONFIG startup
Upon startup the CHS icon appears in the system tray but near the end of the startup procedure the icon disappears and CHS starts maximized
The entry that was in MSCONFIG startup is now gone and the boxes Start with windows and Start Maximized are unchecked

Is there a way to correct this?  TIA

someone else reported this problem also, though your clues are more detailed and intriguing.
someone suggested earlier that it might be due to the use of an alternative startup program.. do you have some special tool you are using to run programs on startup of computer?

with your clues im going to search and see if i can find what it might be.. the fact that the checkboxes are unchecking is a very good clue and may be all i need to fix the problem.. ill report later today.

I just run a normal startup no alternative programs.  Thank you, 

what operating system do you run?

other than the start with windows and start minimized, does the program otherwise appear to be working ok when it starts with windows this way?

can you try this version. it's just a new exe - exit from tray and replace old exe with this one.

if you would prefer a full installer i can upload that instead.


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