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Bug Issue v1.05.02

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I hate to keep telling you about problems but after spending the day with the program here is what I found:
Program will not remember settings ie change Keep this many backups from 5 to 2 and on restart defaults to 5
Program will not display system tray balloons the sound works but no balloon (caracter count)
Program only displays files in new folder they will go to old even by manually clicking the now button in settings
Program titles the window with the previous window title.  see previous post
Maybe I have a bad install and maybe will try an uninstall reinstall and see if it helps.   
I'm hoping you want feedback.  I install a lot of utilities looking to make things easier.  I go through them and try them out.  I am not being critical.  If it's me I'll reinstall but if the program has some bugs you should be aware.

chs is one of the newer and more complex programs on the site - the bug reports are very much appreciated and will be treated very seriously.  as i've said before, anyone taking the time to report bugs deserves to have these bugs fixed.

i will respond to these in the next couple of days as i have a chance to test them all and report back; i'm worried that part of the problem with the program not keeping your settings is related to it not starting minimized - namely that it may not be saving its values properly.  maybe it's being run as non-administrative account or doesnt have permissions to save a file in its folder?

regarding balloons, do you have any other programs that display balloon information so you can be sure its chs and not that you have balloon text turned off on your windows (some people do); also remember that the main chs window should be closed when you activate the count function.

Your right I do have it turned off.  Forgot that.  I'll use the box then.  Simple solutions sometimes.   


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