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Anyone know a good free program to record streaming audio?

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Ok, thanks again guys for the help. :Thmbsup:

One of the things I'm trying to do is set up my system so I can record a long, over three hour radio program daily, along with other things, so I don't have time really to convert it from wav to mp3 everyday, that would take too long. I need to be able to record it directly to mp3 with no fiddling around with converting.

Also, I don't want to have to shut off my system sounds, I still need them on for other things, but that is good to know about Total Recorder.

I'll probably just use one of the media players I already mentioned for now, because they seem to be doing the job, but just not in as automated a fashion as I would have liked.

The reason I didn't mention about exactly how to set Audacity to record the sound through your sound card is because I guess I assumed everyone already knew how to set it to do this. For those who don't know how, one way is to set Audacity to "Stereo mix" or "Mono mix"  in the drop down menu. Then whatever sounds you can hear on your computer will be recorded.

But as Kfitting stated, you'll get all the skips and rebuffering stops and whatnot, which most people wouldn't want. That's why I want to avoid this type of recorder for capturing streams myself. I only posted about them to inform others that may not have known about these available options you can use to record with, and some of the programs I had already tested. 

The search continues. ;)


net transport does very good timed scheduled recordings of realmedia streams.

I use Replay Radio 2 automatically record @ the same time every weekday.  It's free 4 what I need it 4.

Net Transport has come in handy 4 me 2 though.

I use Replay Radio 2 automatically record @ the same time every weekday.  It's free 4 what I need it 4.

Net Transport has come in handy 4 me 2 though.
-skywalka (November 21, 2005, 07:11 AM)
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Please post URLs for widely unknown programs if possible :)

After seeing that doesn't list Replay Radio (often a bad sign)
I was looking for reviews and while I wasn't able to find great reviews on well-known pages I found
Maybe worth a try.


Does anyone here know of a good free program to record streaming audio? The features I'm looking for are the ability to record an audio stream upon start up of the media player, or if it doesn't have this feature then a timer would be nice that could start and stop the recording when you want.

I am also looking for the ability to record more than just shoutcast/icecast streams. It seems like most of the free streaming audio recorders won't tune in to other stream types like streams that are mainly for Windows media player. Quintessential Player is one example.

What I don't want is just another program that records the sound going through your soundcard, because they will record any other Windows sounds also along with your recording of the stream.

I have found a variety of free stream recorders that cover almost all the features I'm looking for, but no one free player seems to cover them all. I realize it may be a lot to ask for in a free program, but I would greatly appreciate any info about a free streaming audio recorder that has all of the above features.

Thanks very much for any assistance/recommendations.
-wolf7 (November 19, 2005, 06:07 PM)
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i can advise to use replay media catcher to capture all kind of stream audio it's cool  :up: :D


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