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Anyone know a good free program to record streaming audio?

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i can advise to use replay media catcher to capture all kind of stream audio it's cool  :up: :D
-kamalrohit (December 30, 2007, 10:09 AM)
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Please post URLs for widely unknown programs if possible :)
-brotherS (November 21, 2005, 07:34 AM)
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It's not on (as I said above that's often a bad sign), found it on - no freeware.

Yeah, Applian doesn't give much away for nothing, that's for sure!  I have most of Applian's programs; I first purchased Replay Music from them a couple years ago, right after they released V. 2 and lifted the limit on the number of tracks you could record.  (That was actually the model for their first release - they limited you to I think 1,000 tracks!)

Then I upgraded to their Replay A/V, and then to the Suite.  Since I had made one purchase, each successive one was at a considerable discount.  Biggest problem is that as they added more programs to the suite, they would only allow me to have what was included with it as of the date I purchased it.  Weirdest damn policy I ever saw. E.g., when I upgraded to their Replay A/V Suite it had 7 programs included. They eventually added 2 more for a total of 9, but I was not allowed to have those two because they weren't part of the Suite when I upgraded.

They have nice applications there - one even allows recording of programs from a Slingbox, which are encrypted, supposedly to prevent recording them. No one else has this yet. Also, I can download ANY online videos - including YouTube - and automatically convert it to any other video format.  But all of their programs are either part of a Suite - kind of - or standalone.  They have no all-in license. So I now have about 6 or 7 different registration codes, and a lot of the time when you install an update it doesn't carry the registration over and I have to start digging around for the correct code.

I would buy a new suite if anyone would package it all together and put it under one title.



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