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Anyone know a good free program to record streaming audio?

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Does anyone here know of a good free program to record streaming audio? The features I'm looking for are the ability to record an audio stream upon start up of the media player, or if it doesn't have this feature then a timer would be nice that could start and stop the recording when you want.

I am also looking for the ability to record more than just shoutcast/icecast streams. It seems like most of the free streaming audio recorders won't tune in to other stream types like streams that are mainly for Windows media player. Quintessential Player is one example.

What I don't want is just another program that records the sound going through your soundcard, because they will record any other Windows sounds also along with your recording of the stream.

I have found a variety of free stream recorders that cover almost all the features I'm looking for, but no one free player seems to cover them all. I realize it may be a lot to ask for in a free program, but I would greatly appreciate any info about a free streaming audio recorder that has all of the above features.

Thanks very much for any assistance/recommendations.

Carol Haynes:
The only easy solution I have found is URL Snooper (from the Downloads section here) to find the actual link being addressed for the media file and StreamBox VCR (which is easily found in Google) to actually download the file.

I haven't found anything that actuallygrabs the stream now playing - if you find one I would be interested too.

Unfortunately I know of no free programs.  But if you ever were to consider a program that costs money, I must say I have been a happy registered user of Total Recorder for 4+ years  (

edit:  i would be curious to hear of what other programs you checked out, free or not.

sure there are several good free ones
depending on what you are trying to capture.

for real media and most windows media, streambox vcr suite which is discontinued and abandonware:

this page looks interesting:

but the best place to find tools for this and discuss it is the following forum and this page lists some software:

Streamripper  :Thmbsup:


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