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Easy remote access to my home pc?

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I am in college in NY and my parents live in Chicago. My Mother has a problem with her computer that I cant explain to her over the phone, so somehow I need gain remote access to my computer. The real problem is my mother is severely computer illiterate so I need to do it with the fewest possible steps on her part. What is the best way to accomplish this?

If she has windows xp, you can setup Remote desktop. It is the easiest and FASTEST solution available. Also, remote assistance works well if you don't want RDP ports open all the time.


I use Ultravnc but that can be harder to setup

My steps to setup a remote access to computers

0.) Go to and create an account (free)

1.) Call on phone and through installing Crossloop, start it and tell me the number on screen, click on connect and accept an incoming connection request. Takes some minutes only.

2.) Once I have a remote connection (which is usually dead slow in Crossloop (using VNC) I go to http://www.logmein, log into my account and download + install "LogMe In Free" + set a password.

Now I can connect to the PC whenever I want, from any computer as LogMeIn runs in a browser. I see when they're online. I can log into remote computers if they're in the log on screen, so even if I restart a computer, I don't need remote assistance to log in again. The speed is excellent. On slow lines I can reduce the color depth down to grayscale.

The free version of LogMeIn doesn't allow any extra features, like file transfer or printer sharing, but it's still very, very useful. I hope they'll continue to offer the free version for a long time, as I know no substitute and the pro version is way too expensive (for me). As you can see, I'm using it quite often in remote assisting friends. :)

Easy remote access to my home pc?

I'm a big fan of CrossLoop. Easiest IMHO. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

It's what I use when my Mom calls with a problem.  ;)

BTW: Never experienced this where I live: Once I have a remote connection (which is usually dead slow in Crossloop (using VNC)
--- End quote ---

Your mileage may vary. Up her in New England/NY CrossLoop is very fast and responsive.


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