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Fscript trouble

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I also have FScript trouble so i can't use those plugins.
Here are some screenshots with my errors:
I get them whenever i add one of those plugins using fscript.dll and if i don't rename this dll i get errors whenever i try to open the options panel in FARR.
I also use a non english windows (romanian); WindowsXPHomeSp3.
Happy those plugins are not vital :) .

If there is a plugin with fscript.dll i get these errors when i try to open FARR (previously closed).
Here is one appcompat.txt file:
I was using Comodo firewall 3 and Avira antivir 8 (same thing if they are closed or started).
Find a solution please :( (i need google translate plugin)!

i'd like to include fscript/fsubscript with farr, but i'm afraid to until we get these issues resolved.

joby you seem to run farr from an unusual directory. May be you should  try to run it from the default "Program Files" just in case. You may try to uninstall the antivirus and firewall too.
Does anyone else had those issues ? If someone else has a romanian xp that would be really nice to try.

I have the exact same issue with Jscript plugins.  Using Windwos XP SP2 and FARR is installed in the default location.


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