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Fscript trouble

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i am new to FARR, but i already found it as one of my favorite SW.
So i decided to plugin some more "awesomeness" to my FARR.

But anything that uses fscript.dll throws exception when reloading plugins in FARR menu(if installed when FARR is running) or "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" when starting FARR and then FARR crashes.

Other(think C#) plugins like FARRGoogleSuggest works, but when you install any fscript plugin (tried czechboy's console, timer, thesaurus and gogogadgetscott's clock) all behave in manner explained above. I tried installing latest windows scripting host, disabled usual "problem" software like antivirus and firewall, I found hotfix ( to this behavior, but only for English windows and it wont install on my czech localized ones.

Using Windows XP sp3. Any help appreciated

I hope a fix can be found for this!  I'll let ecaradec (creator of fscript) know about the issue? Anyone have any clues that might help resolve it?

I haven't seen the problem before.
If someone else have this issue, please let me know.
Since you disabled antivirus and firewall it shouldn't be the problem.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 can sometime crash applications that use the script control and probably insecure components like Scripting.FileSystemObject. Did you use this one ? Sometimes antivirus are very hard to disable.


yeah, I had the same problem, I'm sure I posted about it somewhere here, anyway, i just gave up using plugins till for some reason I had to do a reinstall of windows, that fixed it though it seems a bit extreme  ;D

Thanks for replies.
To be honest i dont use any antivirus right now. I hate software that tries to protect you by being smart ass  >:( (You might know what i am talking about). I used passive on-demand antiviruses, latest to be bitdefender. Even that one didnt make it, but lasted longest of all :D. Not much of them left for trying.
But back to the topic:
From what i have learned and what happened last week i think there is a big mess in DLLs. Good cleanup solved one problem with NVidia drivers earlier on. As soon as i am done with this, will post back...
No reinstall till new processor, mb, ram will make it on my budget and that could take weeks (very long ones  :-\). Reinstall is pain in the ass even with nlite.
If anybody finds solution earlier than me, feel free to post it here  :Thmbsup:


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