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New App! File/Folder Date Organizer

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You might like to know what I'm using your app to do.
I'm organizing video-files on my mediaserver(popcorn hour) according to the date they were downloaded in order to spend less time in the menu's. Since most of them are weekly downloads of tv-shows it would be practical to sort them by week.

that's cool!

i've only used it (to this point) for organizing image files by date and (of course) for it's original purpose of date-sorting folders with many files/subfolders within.

i need to get on making the options saved.

saw this review of it today  :up::

"File/Folder Date Organizer, an application coded by a Donation Coder member, is a brilliant tool that helps you reorganize the contents of a folder according to the date of creation of the files within that folder. "

Can't I just right click inside the Folder and organise the files with the context menu, "Arrange Icons by" , Names, Size, Type, Modified . Not trying to dampen ones spirits, but arranging the Windows Context Menu to sort files, folders, is just a Google away  :)

the built-in sorting operation you are describing is for sorting the view of files within a folder.
the tool by seedling is designed to create subfolders and move files into different folders based on their date.
so, very different operations.


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