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New App! File/Folder Date Organizer

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Are there different kinds of sorting or only date based?
-kartal (July 26, 2008, 05:26 PM)
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at the moment it's just date sorting as i was trying to make something identify older files vs newer ones. i had thought of making an a-z sort (for sorting music files) but havent done that yet because that should be done right (reading tags, etc). but could otherwise be used in general for properly named subfolders

Very useful app especially, as pointed out by lanux128, for sorting digital photos.

Further to other suggestions, might it be possible to sort the files after the "date created" or the IPTC date info?

That would make sorting digital photos downloaded from my camera such a breeze. In fact, the "Date Created" would be better than IPTC as digital cameras do not save IPTC date info for videos.

Updated version!

The main one being EXIF reading for creation dates in certain image files (read the readme.txt!!!)

Excellent app! I spent hours searching and this one is the only one that did anything close to what I need.

Features I would like to see:
Scheduled sorting (and with that, naturally, the ability to save settings and run from the system tray at startup)
more sub-folder alternatives (like 1 week old, 2 weeks old etc.)

Thanks for making my life easier!

i'm glad i could help :)

yeah, i will add the ability to save settings (outside of time constraints, this would've been 'dropped in' as well)

weeks option is very doable, i just would have to write a bit more of a sophisticated week-of-year (from the given year) routine to figure this properly.

i'll see what i can get done in the next days


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