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New App! File/Folder Date Organizer

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hi everybody.
this software is not working on my pc.
I can choose the source folder, I can play with all the checkboxes, but nothing happens...

can you tell me why please ?

p.s.I'm sorry for my english, I'm Italian  ;)

sorry for bumping this.
but could you add a function to add both year and month to the photos subfolders.
like this:

I am doing something wrong with the last version 1126. When I execute the program propose copy file mode. I observ the log perfectly created but I don't copy anything.

The screenshot :

New App! File/Folder Date Organizer

I'll try now with the first version and comment.

Owwwww. I put off the mark in See file actions (SAFE-DOES NOT ALTER FILES)
but when I push Sort button nothing happen.

I am using windows xp pro sp3 spanish version.

Go right because I am using two monitors.

I execute the program in portable mode from :

Y:\PORTABLES\Personaliza pc\FolderDateOrganizer\ffdorg.exe


Oh sorry I see Seedling is not posting since january 2010


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