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I know I asked this here once before ...

Does anyone know where the MRU list of Open Windows Explorer Folders is kept. This is the list used by Windows Explorer: ->Tools->Folder Options->View->Advanced Settings (List)->Restore Previous Folder Windows At Logon. I've looked and done some searches but I can't find where it's stored.

I looked here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell
and I cannot find the list there.

Perhaps someone knows where it is stored, or knows of another place I could ask this question ...



I wonder how hard it would be to add a flag to let user display items from STARTUP groups/registry section.. could be useful maybe, as requested here:

just wanted to post again after using this today -- works so well.  :-*

Nice to hear. Thanks mouser. :)

See readme.txt for options and details.
-phitsc (July 01, 2008, 07:15 AM)
--- End quote ---

Where do I find the readme.txt? It's not in de download?
For instance, I want to add PDF-XChange viewer to the list of applications but don't know how.
It would be nice if someone could post an example configuration-file, just to see how things look like.
Thanks a lot.


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