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FARR plugin: FARR Most Recently Used 1.0.0

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Hi daanvink

The readme.txt file should be in the download. You should also be able to open it from within FARR by going to the Options window, selecting the 'Plugins and Updates' category, pressing the 'Click to Examine and Configure Plugins..' button, selecting the FARR Most Recently Used plugin and finally pressing the 'View Plugin Readme/Help File'.

As an example look at the FarrMostRecentlyUsed.config file in the FarrMostRecentlyUsed plugin directory. Don't make changes in there but create a similar looking file called FarrMostRecentlyUsed.user with your configuration instead.

Hi phitsc,
I found and read the readme.txt. Thanks.
Now I will try to figure out where PDF-XChange viewer stores it's openend files info.
Thank you for the prompt reply.

I had to edit some Visio files lately and was surprised its MRUs were missing in the FARR MRU plugin. I've added them now.

Please, specify where can I download the latest version.
Since have only broken links.

I've managed to download using DCupdater.


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