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FARR plugin: FARR Most Recently Used 1.0.0

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The FARR MostRecentlyUsed plugin shows the contents of the 'My Recent Documents' folder or a list of most recently used files of applications storing their most recently used files in the registry.

You can get it from here:

Use the following aliases to give you a list of your most recently used files:
- mru  : Shows a simple menu with the below aliases
- mrum : Shows files in your 'My Recent Documents' (XP) or 'Recent Items' (Vista, but see known issues) folder
- mrup : Shows files of configured programs, storing their MRU files in the registry
- mrua : Show a combined list of files out of mrum and mrup
- mruu : Show files from selected groups only (selectable in the options dialog)
- mrul : Show a list of installed and supported applications for further selection

Use the following modifier keywords to change the search:
+byname   : Force sorting by name
+bydate   : Force sorting by date last accessed
+bymod    : Force sorting by date last modified
+bycreate : Force sorting by date created
+.[ext]   : Filter results by file extension [ext]. More than one can be used, e.g. +.h +.cpp

To show a list of most recently used files for selected applications, use the following modifiers:
+acrobat : Adobe Acrobat Reader (only 9 currently)
+akelpad  : Akelpad
+audacity : Audacity
+dwcs3   : Dreamweaver CS3
+foxit   : Foxit Reader
+icofx   : IcoFX (only 1.6 currently)
+km      : KMPlayer
+msvc8   : MS Visual Studio 2005
+msvc9   : MS Visual Studio 2008
+npp     : Notepad++
+office3 : Microsoft Office 2003
+office7 : Microsoft Office 2007
+oo2     : OpenOffice 2.0
+paint   : Paint
+photoe  : Photoshop Elements (only 5.0 currently)
+snag    : SnagIt
+sql     : SQL Server
+ted     : TED Notepad
+winrar  : WinRAR
+winuae  : WinUAE
+wmp     : Windows Media Player
+wordpad : Wordpad

(built-in group for My Recent Documents)
+recent : My Recent Documents

See readme.txt for options and details.

Version history
- Added / Changed the following applications:
  - Added Visio 2007 to Office 2007 (+office7)

- Modifier entries in FarrMostRecentlyUsed.user now override identical ones in FarrMostRecentlyUsed.config.
- Added / Changed the following applications:
  - Added Akelpad (+akelpad) *
  - Added Audacity (+audacity) *
  - Added icon path for TED Notepad *
  - Added icon path for WinRAR *
  - Added icon path for WinUAE *

- Added support for mru items specified in .ini files
- Added new alias mrul which gives a list of supported and installed applications
- User defined result list option now only shows installed applications
- Added / Changed the following applications:
  - Added Dreamweaver CS3 (+dwcs3) *
  - Added IcoFX 1.6 (+icofx)
  - Changed +oo to +oo2 (in expectance of OpenOffice 3)

- Added icons to the simple menu (thanks hamradio!)
- Added support for the following applications:
  - Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (+acrobat)
  - Notepad++ (+npp)
  - OpenOffice 2 (+oo)

- Added simple menu (type mru)
- Added special aliases:
  - mrum (My Recent Documents)
  - mrup (Recent Application documents)
  - mrua (All recent documents)
  - mruu (User selected groups of applications / My Recent Documents)
- Much improved filtering and sorting
- Show icons for UNC files
- Added FarrMostRecentlyUsed.user config file. Like FarrMostRecentlyUsed.config, but will never be overwritten.

- Added check for file existence for local files. UNC paths are currently never checked for existence.
- Added MRU specifications for:
  - Microsoft Office 2003 (+office3) *
  - Photoshop Elements (+photoe) *
  - KMPlayer (+km) *
  - SnagIt (+snag) *
  - SQL Server (+sql) *
  - Paint (+paint)
  - TED Notepad (+ted) *
  - WinRAR (+winrar) *
  - WinUAE (+winuae) *
  - Wordpad (+wordpad) *
- Renamed modifier for Microsoft Office 2007 to '+office7'

* Note that I did not test these myself, please report if they don't work.

- initial release

Concerning showing most recently used files for selected applications:
These are configured in a config file (see readme.txt). I've added the ones I found in my registry. As you can see, the amount of applications I'm using seems to be fairly limited :). It's easy to add you own applications though and I encourage everyone to post registry paths to the MRU lists of their favourite applications here so I can add them to the config file.

How to find MRU lists the FARR MRU plugin can handle:
Start regedit.exe and search for MRU or recent. If you find a key that contains values named File1, File2, File3, etc. (or something similar, like Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, etc.) select the respective key and then Copy Key Name in the context menu. Then paste that into to the FarrMostRecentlyUsed.config file.

Love the idea, but can't get it to work.

Typing 'mru' in FARR does nothing, for some reason. I'm using FARR 2.12.03 with XP Home sp2.

I've tried quitting and restarting FARR, but to no avail. Any idea what may be causing this? I'll be happy to provide more info of course!

It works fine here. FARR 2.12.03, Windows XP SP3

Great work :Thmbsup:

I should add that I've checked in the registry that there are entries for apps specified in the config, so it's not that there's just no results  :huh:


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