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FARR plugin: FARR Most Recently Used 1.0.0

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Could you implement a way to add any of installed programs like PSPAD, Netbeans etc. ?

Showing entries from the mru list has been one of the most requested features for farr..
It's fantastic to have a plugin that does this.  :up: :up: :up:

Plus it works great.

Love this one.  :-*

czechboy: For that, i think you need to find out where those lists are saved ;)

This may be a very good candidate for something you would want to display in the farr window as soon as farr is shown, instead of the default list of last programs launched by far.  you can do this if you want by going to the hotkeys configuration in far and either modifying the hotkey trigger of choice (Break key) or adding a new one, and specifying mru as the text for the search edit box.

I just had a brilliant idea!!

People: when you post a link to an app, please post the link for its .dcupdate file too. Then, we can click it, and install if from dcupdater, which is much nicer than unpacking the .zip file into the farr directory ;)

The good advantage about this, is that you don't have to update the .dcupdate file, because who downloads it will always chose to "install latest version from the web"

jgpaiva  :-* dcupdater


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