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Keynote Closes...

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marek, the author of Keynote, an information organizer, has announced he is done coding projects (  This is something I had kind of anticipated, though it still stinks because Keynote was such a great program (at least I never tired of advertising for it!).  I still haven't found a decent replacement for Keynote though I've tried many of them.  One idea that looks promising is neomem ( - go to the blog it's got the most recent news). 

Just to be a pain in the butt: mouser, I am now behind CHS turning into a notes manager ;) , heh heh.  But, you should take a look at neomem's site.  Perhaps a collaboration would work... and now, I turn and run!  Just wanted to make a post to let people know that Keynote has ended.


that's really sad to hear about keynote, i know it will be missed.

neomem looks very slick.

i have *NOT* given up work on CHS - in fact i do believe it will become one of our more popular apps eventually -
i just have to do more work on the others before i can devote myself back to it.  the absolutely best thing users could do who would like to see CHS turn into one of their favorite apps is help me figure out the best interface for it and help me prioritize a list of things that need to be added so we can as quickly as possible get it to be a useful application, and then refine it over time.

this last 2 weeks has been non-stop work by my on the back-end of this site, only some of which is visible on the outside..
i think i'm done with the site for a bit so i can return to releasing a new version of programs; in fact i'm going to make a post about my plans in a separate thread.

Sorry mouser, I had no intention of appearing to point any fingers... just a little humor to counter the closing of Keynote.  On the other hand, I would love to talk about CHS interface however, whenever and wherever that discussion should take place!


i didn't take your post that way at all - i just want to make sure that people who have been waiting for CHS to improve to understand that:

* i know it needs real improvement
* i am committed to making it a great program

Keynote is abandoned?  :'( Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Hey wait, if it goes open source it could be for the best!  :) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!



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