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Keynote Closes...

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I totally understand where this guy is coming from.

I've seen it happen a few times where software that I use & love gets retired. What Marek did there was classy though. I've had software that all of a sudden, when I go to buy an upgrade or something, it's just GONE. No word from the developer - he just drops off the face of the planet and nobody can find him.

Being upfront is always best. Another developer that I bought software from (and updates) had to stop development to get a job. It was one of my favorite pieces of software and I was quite saddened to see it happen. But he was honest and upfront. That takes character. It's hard to admit when things don't really go your way sometimes. (I speak from some VERY hard earned experience there...  :( )

Well, all the best to him in the future.

Writing good software is hard and all consuming. Staying motivated day in, day out can be difficult. I applaud people that do this as a hobby, but I can well imagine them getting burnt out. IMO this is also one of the big issues with Open Source Software.

If you use free software you can't expect lots of updates and great support. Heck it is hard enough getting this from commercial software developers (present company excepted), who's lively hoods depend on delivering "good" products and supporting them. I know many will say that lots of commercial software is crap and gues what, they are right.

Keynote and PIM users should have a look at Surfulater. It does a lot more than just save Web content.  [/plug]


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